SEO means Search Engine Optimization

16 Reasons Why a Business Should Hire an SEO Company

SEO means Search Engine Optimization


Google has become the new Yellow Pages, and finding your business online is essential when a potential customer searches for your offer using Google.

So why not start with some SEO basics?

This article gives you 16 reasons based on strategy and tactics to hire an SEO company (Search Engine Optimization Company) instead of doing it yourself or using free services.


#1 – Better Results

 Hiring an SEO Company early in the process allows you to learn from someone else’s mistakes so that you don’t have to make them yourself! An experienced agency will help your website return relevant results faster than if you do it yourself. A professional SEO Services agency can also optimize dozens of websites at once while maintaining quality control over each one.


#2 – Unique Content


SEO Content

An expert SEO Company may research your market before writing content to ensure there is no duplicate content on the Internet. Do you know how many times an average person reads something online? Once! So why do we keep providing information that’s already out there?


#3 – Website Traffic

You can easily get lost in the crowd online when your business website is not optimized for search engines. But if you hire an SEO Company with a proven track record, your site can easily dominate Google search and get more organic traffic (free traffic) than it would without their services. The types of clients that will be interested in hiring you based on the extra traffic you generate are likely to have much bigger budgets than currently exist for your company!


#4 – Easy Implementation

If you want to implement good SEO practices yourself, there’s no end to the time and effort required! It takes time and energy just to learn everything that you need to know about how SEO works so that your online presence gets higher quality rankings over time. But if the agency has already done this research for themselves then they can pass it along to you in a way that is easy to understand and implement.


#5 – Flexibility & Quality Control

A high-quality SEO Services Company will have the experience to advise you on how and when to use content marketing techniques, social media, webinars, blogs, and email newsletters to boost your search engine rankings. They’ll also know how best to manage these different types of campaigns so that they don’t conflict with each other or negatively affect your website’s performance. If you want a marketing campaign that is more focused but less flexible then hire an online marketing company for some hands-on help.


#6 – Business Advice

If you’re not already getting advice from a top SEO Services expert on how to grow your business online then it might be time to start! A high-quality SEO consultant can give you valuable feedback about what works inside your industry and which tools are likely to give you the fastest results to stay ahead of the curve. This type of expertise can often be more useful than their advice about ranking strategies and tactics because they are experts in their field and can give you good ideas that wouldn’t occur to someone outside of it, such as: where to spend your most valuable time, how to position yourself relative to the competition and more!


#7 – Social Media


Social media logo in phone


An SEO Company with experience can help you plan an SEO strategy for broader marketing goals. For example, what kind of message would someone post on their social media about your product or service? What words refer to your business in general? Have you thought about building communities and giving out free content that readers will like for sharing with their friends? These might sound like simple things but they require much research and planning ahead of time if you want it to pay off. You can’t just set up Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram accounts and expect them all to deliver traffic by themselves.


#8 – Long Term Results  (don’t discount this!)


When a new website is launched it takes time for search engines to find all the pages on it. It also means that potential customers will not find you if they do a Google search until your site has been around for at least 90 days! An SEO expert can show you how to get a head start in getting discovered online and in cutting down the time it takes for your site to become visible. They can also show you how to implement SEO strategies that will continue to improve your visibility over time (such as blogging regularly, quality content, and link building from other sites)and grow your business.


#9 – SEO Audits


SEO Audit sign


If you don’t have an SEO Company in your corner then there’s no way of knowing whether or not search engines are finding all the pages on your website. A lot of businesses just assume that they’re showing up correctly in search engines like Google because they aren’t receiving any complaints about it. But if one part of your business is suffering because another aspect isn’t doing well then this can lead to a much bigger problem later on. An SEO Company will do a full audit of your website and give you the information you need to make improvements now, without having to wait for a problem to spiral out of control.


#10 – Easy To Change (if you need to!)

A website that is being promoted by an SEO Company can be tweaked very easily at any time. They will use the best SEO strategies for tracking what’s working and refusing what isn’t so that a business owner can adjust their online presence in real-time. A website like this also allows for more flexibility in responding to competitors, since it takes less time and money than starting from scratch and developing a new site. If you want your online presence to truly stand out then hire someone with the expertise who knows how to deliver results!


#11 – Regular Reports & Tracking  (show me my ROI!)

Having an SEO Company to keep track of all your campaign progress means that you’ll always know where you’re at and how close you are to your business goals. They will also be able to show you the results of your campaign over time so that you can see for yourself whether or not it’s working. This is usually something that they would charge extra for if they were hired directly, but since they’re doing it as part of an ongoing project a business owner can get these benefits at no extra cost!


#12 – Guaranteed Rankings  (they won’t give up until you’re #1!)

If you feel like your SEO company isn’t working hard enough for the money then this is something that can be brought up early on, rather than waiting until it’s too late to make a change. A top SEO Company works constantly to ensure their rankings are as good as they possibly can be and if they seem to be lacking in effort or enthusiasm then you should call them out on it.


#13 – Backlink Analysis  (you’ll know which sites are helping!)

Whenever an SEO Company is asked to create links for a new project they always check the site it will be coming from and make sure that it’s a high-quality one. They know that when links come in from sites that have bad reputations or low page ranks then this can cause more problems than it’s worth since these kinds of links can hurt rankings. This helps the SEO Company show business owners where their dependencies stand so that they’ll know what to keep working on and what to let go of.


#14 – Networking & Education  (the seo company is a professional)

If your SEO Company has done SEO for other businesses then you can bet that they’ve gotten to know quite a few people in the industry. They’ll have contacts who are marketing services experts, web developers, and even bloggers who will be more than happy to help your SEO campaign succeed. When business owners work with SEO Companies they can be sure that the SEO company is going above and beyond to promote them since they’ll have contacts in multiple fields who might not know about you otherwise.


#15 – Don’t Waste Your Time!  (follow a winning seo strategy)

There are certain SEO strategies and best practices that have been proven to work much better than others. If you hire an SEO company then they’ll be able to tell you what these SEO strategies are and how they can benefit your business. They’ll also let you know which ones aren’t worth trying, so that if you were going to try them yourself then you wouldn’t waste your time.


#16 – Great Customer Service

When businesses hire an SEO services company they’re not just paying for SEO services, they’re also getting SEO help from someone who is dedicated to helping them succeed online. This means that if you need something done or want advice then all you have to do is ask and the SEO expert will do what they can to help. Your SEO services expert will learn about your business, help with your marketing strategy and even say hi whenever they see you on social media.


If you’ve read this far, it means that we have succeeded in getting your attention and showing the value of hiring an SEO company. Hiring a professional is one of the most important business decisions you can make to ensure success in today’s competitive digital marketplace.


Get in touch with us if you want more information on how we operate or would like more details about pricing or what services are included with each package option so that you can find out which will work best for your needs. We look forward to working with you soon


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